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The relationship and solidarity between Yen Bai province (Vietnam) and Val-de-Marne province (France) have been mutually nurtured for years. 1995 is the year marking the beginning of the good cooperation relation between the provinces, on the basis of the Cooperation Protocol of Ministry of Finance of France and the Government of Vietnam. Through every stages, this relation has increasingly been consolidated and developed.

For 20 years, Val-de-Marne province has offered a lot of attention, effective support, and assistance to Yen Bai province, through cooperation projects in health, culture and promotion of heritage values, clean water supply, wastewater treatment, Agriculture and Rural Development, Economic Development, Planning and environment, total fund is more than 100 billion dong, etc. Also, Val-de-Marne province welcomed nearly 200 officials of Yen Bai province in fields who have been dispatched to France to study, exchange and share experience, enhance capacity and skills, etc. Exchange of leaders and experts of both provinces has helped the cooperation programs to smoothly implement, helped officials and residents of both provinces learn more about the other culture and people, and helped Yen Bai province strengthen solidarity, friendship and gradual international integration in many fields. Cooperation projects has contributed to eco-social development of Yen Bai province, helped the province gradually reduce poverty, and improve quality of life for people.

For first ten years of the cooperation program (1995 – 2005), collaborative activities focused on improving professional skills for staff in the fields of health, clean water and waste water treatment, medical equipment supply to General Hospital of Yen Bai province, total fund was about 2 million Euros, equivalent to nearly 50 billion dong.

Since the beginning of 2006, both provinces have decided to diversify the topics of cooperation based on the framework agreement within a term of 3 years that has been signed by leaders of both provinces in 5/2006 in Val-de-Marne province.

The signing of the cooperation agreement marks an important step in the friendly relationship between the two provinces in the fields of water, health, culture and rural development that had received special attention of leaders of both provinces. The total budget of Val-de-Marne province that has been supported in this state is about 254,000 Euros equivalent to 7.5 billion dong.

After the first local cooperation agreement (2006 – 2009), the People's Committee of Yen Bai province and the People’s Council of Val-de-Marne province has decided to continue the similar mode for the stage of 2010 – 2013. In this stage, each field had specific goals with specific projects. In addition to fields in the former agreement, the agreement 2010 – 2013 added the field of economic development in order to improve quality of life for people in Yen Bai province. In this stage, both provinces contributed and mobilized funding for the cooperation program between two provinces, the funding was 21.75 billion dong, of which 15.32 billion dong was contributed by Val-de-Marne province.

Close following the  achieved success, on 18/09/2013, both provinces signed Cooperation framework agreement period 2014 - 2019. Accordingly, both sides continued joint implementing cooperative activities, strengthening and enhancing the solidarity and friendship through executing projects in water, health, Culture, Rural Development, Training and capacity enhancing. In comparison to the period 2010 – 2013, there are additional fields such as Public Policy Assistance and Public Prevention Policy, etc.

Mr. Christian Favier – Chairman of People’s Council of Val-De-Marne province and Mr. Pham Duy Cuong – Chairman of People’s Committee of Yen Bai province in the signing ceremony of cooperation framework agreement period 2014 – 2019 (September 2013)

Findings of these cooperative activities have significantly contributed to serving practical interests of both countries, contributed to solving global problems in general and in the fields which Yen Bai and Val-de-Marne provinces have similarities in particular. The cooperative activities aim at three goals: improving, enhancing quality of life for residents; strengthening capacity of officials and experts of two locals; and strengthening the friendly relations between the two locals.

In the future, cooperative activities will be carried out on the basis of close collaboration in proposing cooperation contents. It is necessary to enhance survey and evaluation of demands of locals, then to develop a budget for the activities, on the basis of shared financial capacity and responsibility between two partners. With the good cooperation relation between two provinces, Yen Bai and Val-de-Marne, the cooperation activities will be effectively deployed in order to enhance and strengthen the strategic cooperation relation between Vietnam and France in general and the solidarity between residents of Yen Bai province and Val-de-Marne province in particular.

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