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At present, the population of Yen Bai Province is over 780,000 people with over 503,500 employees in working ages, accounting for 64.3% of the population of the whole province. As of 2015, there were 45% of trained employees in the province.

With abundant human resources and non-stop improved quality, the needs of investment projects using a large number of worker such as textiles and garment for export, footwear, automobile, motocycle and electronic component assembly have been met.

There are 24 vocational training institutions in the province (including 02 Vocational Colleges, 03 Vocational Schools, 03 Vocational Training Centers, 07 Continuing Education Centers and 09 other institutions having vocational activities); particularly Yen Bai Vocational College has been invested to become a Vocational Training Center of Nothern Mountainous Provinces, of which 01 vocation attains the International Standards and 03 attain ASEAN Standards. Major training vocations are industrial electricity, carpentry product design processing, mechanical equipment manufacture, base and subbase construction operation, agricultural engineering, veterinary breeding, tea processing technology, welding, construction engineering, stone carvings, automotive technology, consumer electronics, industrial electronics and industrial garment, etc. In the period 2016-2020, the vocational training provides about 14,000 employees under the forms of short term training, primary, vacational schools and colleges.



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  • I am a Vietnamese and currently living abroad. I want to invest and construct an export garment plant in Yen Bai by FDI capital. I want to know about the land renting procedure for construction of the plant in Yen Bai.
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