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  • The Yen Bai provincial Union of Friendship Organizations took part in international friendship exchange program - Spring 2019 in Phu Tho province

    Publish: 16/04/2019 2:10:46 SA

  • Yen Bai province worked with LG Electronics Vietnam on the project of building and training staff resources for Yen Bai province

    Publish: 16/04/2019 2:04:44 SA

  • Meeting Laos students on the occasion of Tet Holiday

    Publish: 16/04/2019 1:56:37 SA

    On 24/01/2018, on the occasion of spring Ky Hoi 2019, at Yen Bai college of Education, there was a friendly meeting to encourage and present gifts to Laos students who are studying at the college.


    Publish: 16/04/2019 1:10:29 SA

    1. Developing the cooperative relations with Vientiane and Xayaboury provinces (Lao PDR)

    Inheriting and promoting the solidarity and friendship tradition of Vietnam and Laos, the cooperative relations between Yen Bai province and Vientiane, Xayaboury provinces (Laos) have been developed in different aspects.

  • Promulgating the plan on propagation, dissemination and application of Yen Bai’s logo

    Publish: 16/04/2019 12:55:28 SA

    On 11 January 2019, People’s Committee of Yen Bai province issued the plan on propagation, dissemination and application of Yen Bai’s logo in propaganda and visual communication activities serving for politic missions, economic, cultural, tourism development as well as domestic and foreign affairs of the province with the aim of introducing Yen Bai’s image to other provinces and international friends.

  • The mission of Yen Bai province to study and learn the experience of tourism development in the province of Val-de-marne (France)

    Publish: 22/01/2019 9:07:30 SA

    From 11/11 to 19/11/2018, the working mission of Yen Bai province surveyed working in the province of Val-de-marne (France) on coordination content in the field of tourism development cooperation between Val-de-marne and Yen Bai provinces.

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