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  • Yen Bai encourages the development of advantageous products

    Publish: 20/10/2020 7:31:14 SA

    To encourage the registration of geographical indications and appellations of origin; to promote the consumption of goods through the distribution system on the domestic market, etc.

  • Yen Bai promulgates the External Cultural Plan 2020

    Publish: 25/08/2020 2:20:08 SA

    In order to improve the effectiveness of cultural external relations in the coming time, on February 28, 2020, the Provincial People's Committee issued the Plan No. 47 / KH-UBND on cultural external relations in 2020 of Yen Bai province.

  • Entrepreneur Cafe in July: Troubleshooting difficulties and problems of businesses and cooperatives in Luc Yen district

    Publish: 25/08/2020 2:16:46 SA

    In the afternoon of 27 July 2020, the Provincial People's Committee, Provincial Party Committee of Agencies and Enterprises, Provincial Business Association held regular meetings with enterprises in July 2020 with the topic: Solving difficulties and problems of enterprises, the cooperative operates in production and trading in Luc Yen district. Attending the program were Mr. Nguyen Chien Thang - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee together with representatives of departments, sectors, localities and over 50 enterprises and cooperatives.

  • Yen Bai province congratulates the 232th anniversary of the French Republic's National Day

    Publish: 25/08/2020 2:14:24 SA

    On the occasion of the 232th anniversary of the French Republic's National Day (July 14, 1789 - July 14, 2020), the Yen Bai Union of Friendship Organizations (YUFO) recently organized a delegation to visit and congratulate the Ambassador and all officials and staff of the Embassy of the French Republic in Hanoi.

  • Yen Bai: Many solutions to attract foreign direct investment

    Publish: 25/08/2020 1:55:10 SA

    By the end of March 2020, in Yen Bai province, there have been 27 foreign direct investment projects which were granted investment policy and are operating.

  • Yen Bai: Commencement of construction project on Melinh Plaza Shophouse Yen Bai

    Publish: 25/08/2020 1:50:48 SA

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