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Delegation of young cadres of Yen Bai province attended training course on fostering knowledge, leadership and management skills at Yunnan Party School, China

Effectively implementing the MoU on friendship cooperation between Yen Bai province and Yunnan province (China), Agreement on Cooperation and Cadres training in 2019 between Yen Bai provincial Department of Foreign Affairs and Yunnan Foreign Affairs Department aiming to enhance cooperation between the two localities on cadres training and retraining, from 9-24 July 2019, Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan - Member of the Provincial Standing Committee, Head of the Provincial Commission for Propaganda led the young cadres delegation of the Scheme No. 11-ĐA/TU of Yen Bai province to attend the training course on fostering knowledge, leadership and management skills at Yunnan Administrative Academy (Party School of Yunnan Party Committee), China.

Trainees of Yen Bai province were equiped with knowledge, skills, methods and experience on advanced management and leadership to meet the demands of the new situation, especially the experience in managing implementation of building  a socialist-oriented market economy and basic contents in awareness of theory and practice in the current Party building work. The contents were mainly focused on 16 thematic theory fields: experience of social management, state management, building a comprehensively healthy Party; leadership Science, art of leadership; building Party grassroots organizations; experience of open-door reform and economic development institutional reform; poverty reduction; Vietnam - China trade cooperation, etc.

In addition, Yunnan Administrative Academy held visits and field trip at 2019 South & Southeast Asia Commodity Expo and Investment Fair (SSACEIF), building grassroots Party in Caiyun, Chenggong district; etc. for Yen Bai’s trainees to learn more about the situation of implementing important policies which significantly affect to living of Yunnan people, such as building  a contingent of grassroots cadres, overcoming the pollution - environmental protection, startup incubation, strengthening international cooperation in the fields of investment, trade and tourism, etc. Through exchange activities between Yen Bai’s trainees and students, staff of Yunnan Administrative Academy, they have known more about each other. These activities also enhanced the friendship between Yen Bai and Yunnan provinces, promoted the friendship relations between Vietnam and China./.

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