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People’s Committee of Yen Bai province worked with delegation of Jean Chardin Tea Company (France)

In the afternoon of 18 June 2019, Deputy Secretary of Yen Bai Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Yen Bai Provincial People’s Committee Do Duc Duy received and worked with delegation of Jean Chardin Tea Company (France) led by Mrs. Elise Michel, General Director to discuss and agree on supportive capacity for doing research, preservation and promotion product value of 37 ha natural tea trees which have just been found in Sung Do commune (Van Chan district).

At the meeting, Mrs. Elise Michel thanked to Yen Bai province for arranging a field trip to the ancient tea area in Suoi Giang commune and 37 ha ha natural tea trees in Sung Do commune - "The jewel” containing a plenty of potentials. Expected in December, Jean Chardin Tea Company will invite some experts to take surveys, do research and evaluate the value of this tea area so that we will have suitable solutions for preservation and improving economic values of the area, especially to enhance the living standards for the local people. 

Chairman of the PPC Do Duc Duy emphasized the high economic value of the tea areas in Sung Do. The province will assign the agricultural sector to coordinate with Van Chan district to make a deeper and more comprehensive evaluation of the value of the tea area and to look for solutions to conserve this tea area. He also hoped that the Company will send to Yen Bai province an independent report on the value of the tea area in the shortest time; introduce experts and have proposals, requests of preservation and improving the value of the tea area; propose Val de Marne province (France) to add Sung Do tea area development cooperation program into the cooperation program between the two provinces. 


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