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  • Opening ceremony of off-road car performance

    Publish: 22/01/2019 7:50:58 SA

  • Muong Lo - Wild and fascinating strange beauty.

    Publish: 19/10/2018 2:31:09 SA

  • Mu Cang Trai in flood season is as beautiful as the paintings.

    Publish: 16/10/2018 7:56:43 SA

  • Yen Bai: Arrive at Tram Chau to discover the most majestic waterfall in Northwest - Hang Te Cho.

    Publish: 16/10/2018 7:43:59 SA

  • Exploring ocean of clouds on Ta Chi Nhu Mount

    Publish: 31/10/2017 4:09:17 SA

    At the elevation of 2979 meters, the Ta Chi Nhu peak located in Tram Tau District, Yen Bai province. Ta Chi Nhu is not only the place which adds beauty to the landscape of the Northwest region but also the mount which many people wish to come and conquer it one time.

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  • I am a Vietnamese and currently living abroad. I want to invest and construct an export garment plant in Yen Bai by FDI capital. I want to know about the land renting procedure for construction of the plant in Yen Bai.
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